Yoshio Izumiya - Paradise Parable
Yoshio Izumiya (born 13th Sep, 1952 in Kanagawa, Japan) has up until today never exhibited outside of Japan.

As well as his occupation as painter, Izumiya lectures in art education at the Okayama University. In Japan most of his paintings are sold within a short period of time.

In fall 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Izumiya were again travelling to central Europe. On their itinerary were Dresden, Leipzig and Prague .

"As I create my pictures, so I exist" is Izumiya´s motto. At present wealth and poverty, abundance and depression lie closely together. From this Izumiya´s pictures evolve. They include criticism against human civilisation, that puts the plain sermon of "saving the environment" aside and works almost without taking part remaining "cool". Izumiya uses different kind of motif for the discrepancy between nature and man. Recently sheep have been the central characters of his "Paradise Parable". They are found as an ironic element throughout his oevre.

Stilistically Yoshio Izumiya´s pictures are categorized as visionary realistic within surrealism and socialistic realism from the United States. They include symbols or fables and sometimes visually awakening constructions that have an important meaning. On the contrary there are the depth of detail and the reserved colour scheme, that at first hide the engagement of the artist.

The originality of the pictures appears through a blend of the theme of criticism against society and visionary expression, which creates an extraordinary feeling of suspence for the observer. This feeling is wrapped fairy take-like in the "Paradise Parable". The introduction of the fairy tale-like elements opposes the form of directness that as been pursued in the modern art since Impressionism.

"In my opinion postmodern pictures of today have to be structured in other ways, so that the message of today can get on its way." says Izumiya. Judge for yourself.